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Dexilip | Cracked mouth corners


Lips count among the most sensitive parts of human body. They are a beautiful and smart dominant of every face. Thanks to lips we can drink, eat, speak, smile, kiss...

Sometimes our lips or mouth corners crack. Such small cracks really hurt, itch or even bleed, which results in discomfort related to everything that we like doing by our lips.


There is not only one cause of cracked corners of the mouth. Cracked corners are often a consequence of impaired immunity, dehydration, lacks of vitamins of the B family, iron, and zinc. Also the weather, either too hot or freezing, along with UV radiation in case of exposure to the sun and wind can contribute.

Infection in the corner of the mouth often makes the situation even worse. Bacteria and in particular yeast cells are to blame. They colonize the corners of the mouth, which can be seen as a whitish film. They can significantly slow down the healing process. Infected mouth corners ooze, discharge pus and are reddish due to inflammation.

And when the body finally creates a scab, there is a risk that it will cracks again. And the mouth corner keeps hurting.

Cracked and inflamed corners of the mouth are referred to by physicians as cheilitis, angular cheilitis or anguli infectiosi.

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Candida albicans


Mouth corners do not choose. Up to four out of a hundred adults and up to fifteen out of a hundred children suffer from cracked corners of the mouth.

You are not alone. Visitors to the www.ordinace.cz website indicate the following main causes of sore mouth corners:

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The survey was organized as an independent public opinion poll of the www.ordinace.cz portal in May 2018. A total of 174 respondents took part in the survey.