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Dexilip HERP | How to protect yourself from viruses

How to protect yourself from viruses

The viruses causing oral herpes are highly infectious, they spread easily trough bodily contact with a person who was infected HSV1 before. Unfortunately, once we are infected by the herpes virus, it is almost certain that we won’t get rid of it easily. There is currently no reliable treatment of herpes – as in its complete eradication from the once infected body.

During the stages when it doesn’t appear on the lips in a visible form it resides in the nerve ganglia and waits for a triggering moment which can vary from person to person. You can learn more in the chapter Herpes of the lips.

The most contagious person is the one who is currently going through one of the visible stages of the oral herpes. The most dangerous stages are the points when small blisters form, later bursting in a painful way and releasing their content full of new viruses into its surroundings.

In this stage, it is especially important to adhere to preventative measures – if you do have oral herpes as well as if you want to prevent the infection.

  • Don’t kiss
    • Kissing is unfortunately forbidden before the herpes subsides. And not just kissing the lips.
  • Don’t touch the blister
    • Yes, it is full of viruses! You can spread it to others if you touch it and then touch them.
  • Don’t let anyone drink or eat after you
    • The virus is present in saliva too and everything that has been in contact with the infected person can be a source of infection. Including cutlery, glasses, straws... and also food.
  • Don’t use common toiletries
    • Towels, washcloths, lipsticks, toothbrushes, make-up – use just yours at all times.
  • Be especially careful with pregnant and breastfeeding women, small children and sick people
    • You should especially limit your bodily contact with such people when suffering from herpes of the lips with utmost responsibility.

People who repeatedly suffer from herpes of the lips usually know best what the trigger for them is. For someone it is freezing weather, for others the sun at the seaside, for yet others shock or stress – each person is unique. First of all, try to find out what is your trigger, thus you will be more successful in avoiding it and lowering the risk that herpes will appear again.

It is not difficult, all you need is strong will and discipline.

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